(Reprinted from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, The New York Post)

Multiple CLIO AWARD WINNING Senior Creative Director/Writer, Art Director and Concept Set Designer, Ben has been responsible for some of the most memorable print and television ad campaigns of a generation. From Wendy's "Where's the Beef" to Timex's “Takes a Licking and keeps on Ticking” to “Trust the Man With the Star” to “Stronger Than Dirt” to “I Want to Buy the World A Coke”, Ben's ability to project concepts through focused, to-the-heart campaigns has characterized his career.

Ben's present consultancies with Texaco, Hearst Publications, Sharro's domestic and international operations, the U.S. Tennis Association, Wendy's, Cadbury-Schweppes, iVillage.com (The Women'S Network) and with IBB (international Bullion), follows a five year assignment as President of Worldwide Marketing and Promotions at Ketchum.

Prior to that. Ben served as Executive Vice President of Lintas-USA at Interpublic/McCann Erickson, and was responsible for such notable campaigns as Kmart"s “The Jaclyn Smith Collection” During his time at Lintas-USA, Ben directed the Nippon Airlines account, Buick,
Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and Lipton Tea campaigns and the print and TV activities for Bayer Aspirin, Walt Disney, AT&T, Gallo Wines, Nabisco and Upjohn.

It was as one of the principles of Colarossi/Ross Roy Griswold in the 1980's that Ben began his association with Wendy's after creating “Old Fashioned Hamburgers” (“Where's The Beef?”) campaign. Kmart, Hoover and Howard Johnsons came aboard as did Ground Round restaurants, which signed on for Colarossi's “The Goodtime Meeting Place” and “Penny a Pound for kids" themes.

Ben's accounts have included the U.S. and international divisions of Texaco, Acura, Sizzler.
Bank of America, Ciba-Geigy, Lever MCI. Pizza Hut, Paddington, Evian and Budget Rent-a-Car. Ben also was responsible for the creation and launch of QVC network's jewelry division.

Preceding his association with Ross Roy Griswold, Ben served as President/Chief Creative Director of Creamer/Colarossi, whose roster of accounts included Texaco, British Sterling Cologne, Allied Van Lines, Raytheon, Seiko Watches, Hershey (pasta), Heinz, Ajax (“The White Knight”), and Sheraton Hotels. Allied's “The Careful Movers”, Texaco's “Trust the Man With the Star”, San Georgio Pasta's “Nobody Grows Spaghetti Like San Georgio” and British Sterling's “Make Him a Legend in His Time" became four of the most memorable campaign lead phrases of the 1970's.

Among Ben's first clients when he served as Writer/Art and Creative Director at Warwick and Ted Bates, include Playtex, Revlon (“Fire and Ice”), Pepsi, Timex, Chase Bank, Mobil, Westinghouse, Alcoa, Proctor and Gamble, Tide, Seagram (“Say 7 & 7 and Be Sure”), American Home Products, Anacin (“Like a Doctor's Prescription”), Chanel Perfume, American Jeep, and Kodak.

Ben has been frequently quoted and sought after as an industry legend in publications around the globe. He has been featured on The History Channel for having created some of the most memorable ad campaigns of this century. In a 1999 Stuart Elliott/New York Times article, Ben coined the phrase “In America, Perception is Reality.” No one would know better than Ben.

In his book “Fire and Ice”, author Andrew Tobias quotes Revlon's founder Charles Revson: “We [Revlon] owe it all to that creative Italian art director, Colarossi.”

New York Times reporter Joseph Kaselow, reviewing Ben's “quadruple threat career”, takes an overview of Ben's “notable creative feats”, singling out his Speidel TV campaign “Give Your Watch a New Twist”, his San Georgio's “Spaghetti Farm” - those wryly humorous commercials that featured spaghetti growing trees, the Wilkinson Sword campaign; the Timex torture test featuring John Cameron Swayze “Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking”.

These days Ben can be found in his New York office up at WDD, where he provides consultancy much of the week, and working with a select creative and branding boutique shops in Manhattan, including BrandLab and Graphlink Media.